Wednesday, June 3, 2009

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Bitter Mother's Day

Each year, the last Sunday of May, all school France to recite compliments praising the sweet tenderness, kindness, caring eternal "moms." They then offer some nice gifts makeshift classroom under the watchful eye of the teacher, according to the image of Epinal in force in our country.
The good mother, the very one described by the so-called praise, must accept these gifts with delight. Are they not offered by small loved ones, the sweet treasures that she loves so much? Since its inception, the festival celebrates mothers and motherhood much less triumphant than the all-powerful dictatorship of the child on his mother. Dictatorship gladly granted by the latter, you might say, but this tyranny, which is expressed by the apprehension of the child as the sole focus, and only worry ultimate prize of a lifetime, it is weakened for be accepted?
Mother's Day is a ritual for this reason impossible to refuse. Deviate returns to opt for a simple contemporary imagery that values caring mother and willing, happy in his disposition - which ranks all those who would propose an alternative representation of motherhood in the ranks of "Bad mothers". That only a few minutes pondering: what mother, if not an unnatural mother, her child may explain that the poem transforms the presiding genius in the home, and that the iron provided by the family meeting, away from the bridge, humiliate and maintain in a narrow domestic world and overwhelming? How do you explain to young toddlers conditioned by advertising, regimented by the institutions that masquerade under the annual hides - badly - the specter of recurrent natalist propaganda, who dreams of repopulating France knock on his belly, which glorifies the housewife and stigmatizes those who work? Being a mother is not necessarily the best role of a lifetime, and certainly not the only one? "You're going to hurt him," it makes it so fun "and these phrases are small, every year, often uttered that famous Sunday, stifle any hint of rebellion against the party who did is not for everyone.
But children are here as mere tools, manipulators because manipulated. This is of course for adults who perpetuate this scam that this speech should go. Unfortunately, all turn a deaf ear. It may well protest, the "mom" smothered in flowers, there is nobody to listen. But have you ever sought advice from mothers to "do their party?


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