Thursday, March 3, 2011

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Kiss me Kate Rachel York

Miss E has been and remains one of the prettiest Kate in history. Rachel York, actress and opera singer, complete artist and wonderful ambassador for the United States in the world continues a career on stage, on Broadway and elsewhere.

In 2003 she performed at the Victoria Palace Theatre London Brent Barrett as a partner. The Kiss me Kate , they played live for British television and you can see under the link was a huge success and confirmed what part Williams Shakespeare was more than ever. The final scene of the spanking is a crucial component in this version sung by Cole Porter. In angry shrew that spanking of Petruchio manages to calm and tame, the beautiful Rachel fascinated crowds and woke many fantasies, fueled also by the tucking of the dress blue trousers revealing closed most suggestive.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

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der Josefine Mutzenbacher Die Liebesschule

Astrid Köhler

are soft versions of films shot in the Bavarian middle of the seventies reserve some surprises. In the series of Josefine Mutzenbacher , this one is not the least for an amateur of spanking erotica. Not content to stand out for the quality of the scenes and costumes, these gems of German cinema us back to a heyday of the gods, the discoveries of all kinds of things about sex, without falling into the gravel. Spanking received Astrid Köhler, beautiful ass in the air and slammed properly reddened by the hero of the film is charming in this regard. This punishment administered, one would think that the discussions would take another turn, but it was forgotten that this version was erotic and not pornographic. Which is not displeasing to us, quite the contrary. In the bottom as in form, this spanking is delicious and is eaten as a sweet, sweet in the finest tradition of the Bavarian cakes.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Monica Roccaforte On Her Best

The mischievous

The eternal teenager flattered, mischievous smile and the finger in mouth, looking for forgiveness will not come and you know. Of at least not until well deserved spanking. How many times have we played this simple scenario is touching, returning a few years back, amplifying the desire that we hugged. You know when you dress in short skirts that showcases your post bounced. Sometimes you pretend to be forced to consider you for giving me the most beautiful vision that a man can dream. The domineering

is not who you think. You can guide my steps, make me some more restraint best surprise you along with a severe blistering. Then we take our roles with the utmost rigor: you in schoolgirl dissipated me in strict teacher, wielding the word firmly and lifted his hand still on your ass in penance.

Women love this scenario which makes the space of a minute depends on everything, especially us. They indulge sweetly to heights of pleasure, meeting all our requests verbal and manual. They agree with the strength of our inflaming their pretty back slaps. The lost look on the carpet and the legs pedaling in the air, they know their away legs to reveal to us the richness of their intimacy wet, abandoning all shame to better amplify the rise of pleasure. In these

Magical moments of erotic emotion, space-time no longer matters. Both of our intertwined bodies become one, accomplices to the end of the spanking.

Monday, February 28, 2011

What Do A Ringworm Look Like When Its Healing

Lea Remini

Holly Robinson Peete

Leah Remini

L a scene takes place on American television at the end of the last year. A debate between women of good company, recounting their experiences. Leah Remini and Holly Robinson Peete are both actresses, not the best known but enough to be invited in talk show where the make and break reputations. This brings a topic of interest at the highest point those present: spanking. Leah Remini speaks that which occurred at the time of his adolescence and she keeps a bitter memory. But the ambiguity of this memory appears in broad daylight, and Holly Robinson Peete took the opportunity to remind him that moment of pain to do, watching television, a moment of happiness for us men. Think of a spanking administered between two lovely ladies as we can not remain indifferent ...

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Princess Thousand and One Nights

L e Dolomites landscape is beautiful. Peaks, snow-capped beauty of nature and observed by a very pretty princess named Kelley. It is not that old Kelley, just 21 but already knows spring subjugate us on his blog: The Confessions Of A Spanked Princess . She recounts her experiences and proclaims his love of erotic spanking.

It reveals himself without fear of being recognized, almost shamelessly indulges. It's spontaneous, gay and should not push me so much for the invite in my native Pyrenees, precisely because she seems to enjoy the mountain air.

For this course, I would need the agreement of my better half, too accustomed to spanking but not committed to sharing the experience, moreover with a young woman of good family. And then, Kelley should come from the United States where she resides roommate, sharing his time between his friendships fessophiles and a friend who sometimes stops in his delusions on the net, much to the chagrin of the witnesses who listen to his tapes recorded.

Princess of Arabian nights, worshiper of erotic spanking, but especially young women (I would say girl) without resort, assuming his desires and most secret desires, confident in his care of the virtual log bring to light any secrets. To top it all, she delivers her first video revealing it in his favorite role: that of a spoiled child and spanked by a friend taking the role of his father. With its visual imperfections, this sequence alone is worth all those abounding on the net, showing young women receive an interchangeable mock punishment.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Repairing Rechargeable Emergency Lights

Our younger years

N bones early years were filled with our memories of excitement, when body and mind are in tune with a torrid eroticism often. It was time to all discoveries lived passionately fire action often repeated and never boring. It was the time requested by spanking your eyes and sometimes my own, given or received by a sublimated but still waiting desired. Our younger years while running through the Pyrenees mountains and the wind sang in Spain. How Trenet was right ...

The slightest pretext served basis the revolution of the senses, when I feel like gnawing correct matter what bulging buttocks and sometimes arrogant taunting me with its delicious roll. You knew you so well use my fantasies want to develop in a tender complicity of distraught lovers but never lost in the maze of intimate life.

The spanking you served as an outlet, how many times I have you confessed. You feel the need, up to feign mistakes to better under slammed delirious. Our younger years we allowed all the audacity of acting out at the foot of a building during daytime to intoxication of a spanking administered in the false intimacy of a hotel room, when we knew that we were listening to eavesdroppers, we spied. Curious glances and interrogators placed on our person the next day at breakfast time was for you the best incentives. They strengthen your libido and strengthen the mine.

I see these scenes on constantly, your body on my lap, wriggling and blushing, your arm that seeks in vain to protect your back. I hear your complaints sometimes necessary but always designed to make me more harshly. Above all, I will remember this scene sublime after a spanking before bedtime, when your pajamas does not protect thee from my hand well risen and fell back with a frequency and intensity unequaled. At the foot of the stairs to our room, you did not back the pants, giving my eager eyes the magnificent spectacle of a beautifully illuminated globe.

We were beautiful and happy but we did not know then ...

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Advice for Summer

The poster is from 2009 but still relevant for next summer. How will you ladies to respect this sage advice? And why wait for the beautiful days?

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Liebesgrüße aus der Lederhose

Julia Thomas

Birgit Bergen

The Bavarian art erotic comedies of the seventies often reserve some surprises . Apart from its beautiful alpine scenery and a photo light, the charm of Teutonic actresses shone there. Thomas and Julia Birgit Belsen brought productions naughty freshness and youthfulness of soul interesting. In Liebesgrüße aus der Lederhose , they each received in turn a spanking clean hammering to charm us. I discovered the photo in black and white film on a magazine but the images were unknown to me. A vision of the scene, I'm not disappointed even though the punitive side of the act escapes me a bit. However, these bare buttocks receiving their share of plamussades I always stir the senses.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Leather Tape For Couches

"Storm" in Paris (2)

was January 8, 2010 at House of Latin America Paris. Jean-Pierre Faye , poet, writer and philosopher, has resulted in a philosophical and artistic stroll through the poems " Storm", the second collection of Cristina Castello , along with Christian Jaccard (the original author of combustion for the 10 pounds of head), Pedro Vianna (poet, actor and translator Cristina), Eric Meyleuc (poet and actor, and myself, Chenet Andre (moderator This evening). This two-part video was filmed by Diana Teran , and directed by Sandrine Feraud for DANGER POETRY.
A view in full screen mode:

Part 1:

Part 2:

We will show you the video soon recorded French PEN Club, January 14, 2010 , during the second presentation of "Storm" presented by Bernard Christmas.


Biography and bibliography of Jean-Pierre Faye

The site Jean-Pierre Faye :

A good time along with Jean-Pierre Faye and Cristina Castello :
- - le chant des sirens el canto-de-la-Siren --- 67855440. html

How Does No Marks Scrub Work

The trickery of one stiletto

The sandal has old rope of our grandparents, I had experienced I started the rudeness of fessophile. Handled by a professional skill without domination, the meeting lacked the closeness that should exist between two people experiencing a soft erotic desire. The marks on my butt lasted several days, turning from bright red to dark black, causing an inability to sit properly.

The experience in the depths of my being served me later to practice my nascent talents of young women corrector embastillées by me into the fantasy of erotic spanking punishment. I used so sparingly instruments of "torture" for to hit more severely globes twins separated by a soft valley. The right hand of the Lord had my preferences, a loving but often snapping, bouncing with the flesh color and intensity of exquisite red.

Once, I had the opportunity to use a shoe heel, a leather pump with a superior quality. The same profile of the pump leaves no doubt. One party seems to be used to administer a spanking if we take the unlikely instrument by the heel. The front of the shoe takes all its importance, fairly flat but not to hurt terribly effective to give rise to person spanking sensations cooking unbearable.

The young woman that I corrected in this way had yet in the habit of spanking. But that day, ass naked on my lap, she expressed her disapproval by real tears of child corrected. I had decided to go to the end, ignoring her sobs as her contortions to get rid of the arm that was holding disciplinary position. The treachery of the pump were continued in a concert of pops and dry sobs true.

Believe it or not, when I straightened the tender subject to sit on my knees, rump on fire, his eyes drowned by thousands of tears flowing down her cheeks roses was grateful. The magic of this act of love had yet made.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Woe Losing Her Verginity And Bleeding

Five and Ten

Marion Davies

M arion Davies she was spanked in his private life as she was here , Five and Ten in ? Her stormy love with William Randolph Hears, the American press magnate suggested as the extract of a film had already shown on this blog Hollywood Babylon. The luminous beauty of actress drew all eyes and flatter the egos of those who shared his life. But she possessed a volcanic temper and a passion for a role of shrew that many might envy our contemporary search for this act of love that is the major erotic spanking punishment.

Five and Ten, a romantic comedy tour in 1931 gives him the opportunity to exercise his talent as a young beautiful woman but capricious. Spanking she receives, lying on the lap of Leslie Howard is not unique. She adds, however, the long list of punishments usually reserved for young actresses on the big screen. This is not to displease me.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Last Level In Cubefield

The Madriguera

Geraldine Chaplin

The arrival of furniture belonging to family Teresa (Geraldine Chaplin) will change the life of a couple installed in comfort. Gradually, furniture beyond home at the same time as Teresa's past appears. It is becoming sleepwalking and have fantasies, which transform the couple's relationship as if it were a game

The screenplay for "The Madriguera " was co-written by Geraldine Chaplin . Hence suggesting that the scene from the film, that of the spanking administered by Pedro (Per Oscarsson) is within the secret fantasies of the girl to Charlie, there is not that ... I cross cheerfully, knowing the sensitivity of women and their devotion to this practice. The very nature of this game is shared by the couple is same as essential in the practice of erotic spanking. Geraldine Chaplin portrays a college student whose grades sadden her father and husband play in life. All ingredients were combined. Dress, skirt and knee socks sober, hair in order and look sober. The director Carlos Saura has managed to highlight the disturbing moment when Pedro takes action. The long straight edge placed on the office passed into the hands of Teresa and her rear end not only chastise the molded black panties. We guess more than we see the scene but the feelings remain the same. In my ranking of spanking scenes in movies, this one occupies a prominent place. Just after the "Roots of Heaven."

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Das Mädchen mit der heißen Masche

Sybil Danning and Marlene Call

L e erotic cinema from across the Rhine has distinguished himself in the seventies by the quality of its productions. Never short of ideas, the writers have managed to tap into the large pool of beautiful girls in the sphere rotating film to develop on the big screen. Sybil Danning and Call Marlene, and sensual young blonde women appeared in several films but knaves hugs. Das Mädchen mit der heiben Masche (French Puyssecat) shot in 1972 will remain as a model of its kind, both for its freshness of tone and beauty of the body part exposed. To magnify the scenes, the director has used spanking by making it appear twice, beautiful moments of delicacies served on a platter. It was enough to feed the fantasies of many followers.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Cocoa Butter On Dark Spots

Angye Gaona, Colombian poet imprisoned

Angye Gaona
The poet and journalist Angye Gaona was arrested. The Colombian government wants to silence her to keep the dark about a genocide that has denounced.

Urgent international action is to secure his release and to protest against the Colombian state maintains more than 7,500 people jailed for "crimes of opinion" we are facing a real dictatorship camouflaged.

is an intolerable situation: each day they stop, are murder or disappearance of a political opponent, student union, a sociologist, a peasant ... Repression by the Colombian state against the Colombian people to appease his social claims is brutal.

Now it is urgent to unite, to create a chain of international solidarity to free the Colombian poet Angye Gaona imprisoned last January. Please send your signature to promptly Tumanischwili Aurora, and send to the Embassy of Colombia protest letter below (copy and paste). Pass round by e-mail and enter the action on your sites and blogs. This mobilization Angye Gaona and more generally for the Rights of the Human Being will not be in vain if everyone takes some responsibility.

Poets and World Citizens Get Involved!

Write directly to the Colombian Embassy in your country
(sample letter below) after you send your signature to support the release of Angye Gaona :
Aurora Tumanischwili \u0026lt;

The Colombian poet and journalist Angye Gaona was jailed in January. The Colombian government wants to silence her to keep secret a genocide which it objected. Angye Gaona was arrested for daring testify, Colombia, the country in which the state considers the act of thinking is a crime. Angye Gaona is a designer, a weaver of dreams among people, very socially engaged and involved in cultural development: it is part of the committee that organizes the International Poetry Festival of Medellín .
She was born May 21, 1980, in Bucaramanga. She has studied English Language and Literature at the Industrial University of Santander.

ago today in Colombia over 7500 political prisoners (students, trade unionists, artists, teachers, environmentalists, farmers, and others).

Colombia holds the sad record count 60% of trade unionists killed worldwide. During the first three months of the presidency of Juan Manuel Santos were killed by paramilitaries, either directly by law enforcement fifty opponents.
The situation has become untenable. The Colombian government's repression against the people exercised to stifle all social demands are getting worse. It is now urgent that the world realizes the horror of this reality and that democracies show their solidarity officially.

And, for more efficiency, send a message of protest to the Colombian Embassy in your country according to the following format:

In France, the e-mail from the embassy
English : angye-gaona-65698316.html
Switzerland (form on website):

"Toma este pan, , "Take this bread
toma esta vida, take this life
toma la Tierra Earth rise
que es tuya. " ; is yours "

Angye Gaona

Madam Ambassador or Ambassador,

J ' I visited the site of the British Embassy where you can Read a detailed presentation of the social progress achieved in your country.

If you consider imprisoning a woman poet and journalist in Colombia for crimes of opinion is a social progress, this is not the idea we have in our country's social progress and freedom of expression.

Therefore I pass through you with the Colombian government to demand the release of ANGYE GAONA.

This request for release circulates via email, also on the social networking site Facebook, the effects, regarding the Human Being Humain, peuvent s'avérer presided over panels! Avec mes meilleures



Nom Poet, éditeur ou raison sociale

Site officiel: ....

La même lettre traduit in Espagol :

Please write to the Embassy of Colombia in their countries

Here, a model of mail sent directly to the Embassy of Colombia in your countries.
In France, the e-mail from the embassy is:

Lady Ambassador or Mr. Ambassador,

Visit the Embassy of Colombia, where you can read a detailed presentation of the social progress in their country.

If you feel that bind to a Colombian poet and journalist for the crime of opinion is a social progress that is not the idea we have in our country, social progress and the freedom of expression.

Therefore, through you I turn to the Colombian government to demand freedom of Angye GAONA.

This demand release circulated by e-mail and Facebook social network whose purpose, as to the rights of human beings, may prove astounding. Greetings






English :

In French :
Nicole's blog Barrier :


Is It A Cervical Polyp Or Cancer

As in a dream she and I

The day took place in a strange mood. Not a moment of rest between meals to prepare and monitor children's homework. The electric atmosphere was reminiscent of those moments was when the air is heavier and the storm rages. My eyes had hardened and it does not really appreciated knowing how I can be inflexible in this situation. We were not alone, he had to deal with the presence of Mouflets without showing any desire to end once and for all.

The children were finally in bed and purring on TV in the living room deserted. A great weariness fell upon my shoulders, but she continued to grumble, however, repeating the history of our relationship as if all of a sudden everything went back to the surface: the disputes, conflicts endlessly, cleaning and dishes to do. Perennial problem of the division of tasks that divides many couples. Seeped through the open window the scent of blooming garden by the early hot season.

The exasperation I stuck to the skin, raising dark desires in me, inviting me to implement the austerity measures needed to end a situation that I did not activate. As a

dreams I see myself in the kitchen to surprise her, taking her firmly by the arm and dragging him into the living room. Soft lighting lets in a halo of light. In a small voice that I had trouble identifying as it does not resemble the tone before, she said he disagreed with what awaits. I pass by extending his protestations on my knees for a firm, abrupt. The skirt is quickly rising on the back and white panties down over her thighs, revealing a bounced back without vulgarity. Thus

disciplinary held in position, I want to get off his butt on a barrage of slaps a frequency that the surprises. Red is put into his head and spreads quickly to his two twin globes that ignite instantly. The intensity of the storm that finally empties only equaled by the frustration came from an overwhelming day. Small cries quickly repressed out of his mouth clenched in pain. Hard spanking that had roses: time for a sigh, and she fades into contact with a reality soon established. Do not make more noise, not to awaken those who sleep.

Then, the hand is more gentle, caressing plump shapes and reddened. Time for healing has come ...