Tuesday, February 22, 2011

How Does No Marks Scrub Work

The trickery of one stiletto

The sandal has old rope of our grandparents, I had experienced I started the rudeness of fessophile. Handled by a professional skill without domination, the meeting lacked the closeness that should exist between two people experiencing a soft erotic desire. The marks on my butt lasted several days, turning from bright red to dark black, causing an inability to sit properly.

The experience in the depths of my being served me later to practice my nascent talents of young women corrector embastillées by me into the fantasy of erotic spanking punishment. I used so sparingly instruments of "torture" for to hit more severely globes twins separated by a soft valley. The right hand of the Lord had my preferences, a loving but often snapping, bouncing with the flesh color and intensity of exquisite red.

Once, I had the opportunity to use a shoe heel, a leather pump with a superior quality. The same profile of the pump leaves no doubt. One party seems to be used to administer a spanking if we take the unlikely instrument by the heel. The front of the shoe takes all its importance, fairly flat but not to hurt terribly effective to give rise to person spanking sensations cooking unbearable.

The young woman that I corrected in this way had yet in the habit of spanking. But that day, ass naked on my lap, she expressed her disapproval by real tears of child corrected. I had decided to go to the end, ignoring her sobs as her contortions to get rid of the arm that was holding disciplinary position. The treachery of the pump were continued in a concert of pops and dry sobs true.

Believe it or not, when I straightened the tender subject to sit on my knees, rump on fire, his eyes drowned by thousands of tears flowing down her cheeks roses was grateful. The magic of this act of love had yet made.


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