Monday, February 14, 2011

Wma Plug In For Nero 7

Dany Robin

The fifties are contain real treasures for lovers of spanking in the cinema. Good years with the big screen echoes from time to time on current channels. At that time, the chips were often spanked in the imagination of writers and nobody was offended with the vision of scenes tinged with eroticism shy. Dany Robin was the perfect embodiment of the plague in the charming adorable little face. Throughout this film, it never stops to lose his head Francois Perier, and obviously the viewer expects the spanking and he is not disappointed. It is timely, after yet another domestic dispute in the bedroom. In an unusual position in which the film poster "She and I " echoed at the same time as the best advertising, the beautiful Juliette gets what she surely had sought: a good spanking. A scene that recalled memories of the many couples who have practiced in family privacy, this delicious moment of tenderness and severity tinged with emotion.


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