Sunday, February 13, 2011

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Great Slutty


U n normal moviegoer does not identify for the erotic aspect of this scene. But I am a cinephile normal, when the demon of spanking invited on my screen? The Grand Funk (Tender Dracula), released in 1974 is spent on a cable channels and I revisited it for you with a longer clip and a sharper image. The little face of Miou-Miou, revealed in his role young woman stuck in the side of Going Places and Depardieu and Dewaere already appeared in the elite of French actresses, not only for his physical grace. The blonde child came to film through the Cafe de la Gare, a theater group led by Coluche and Romain Bouteille began a course lecture, rich in a hundred films, and his career is far from over. In this parody of horror films, she plays Marie, a young actress lost in the maze of the castle serving as the backdrop for Pierre Grunstein . Sewing up and comic scenes and a bit surreal comic sequences, it ends the lap of Peter Cushing for a spanking of the most exciting, turned in part by the British actor. For once, the camera stays glued to the stage, revealing the delicious correction Miou-Miou, though bent on the thighs of his tormentor. The frequency of slapping and vigor is their importance in the soundtrack of the film. Apparently, this spanking is administered in the state of the art, and it suits me perfectly.


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