Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Shingling Type 4 Hair

Under blue skies of Hawaii (French version)

Jenny Maxwell

S a dramatic death in 1981 (she was murdered along with her husband) threw a last Jenny Maxwell under fire news. Four years after the death of Elvis Presley, the actress was one of the most famous scenes in cinema spanking which left too early, a victim of these various facts that make daily headlines in the U.S. States.

This scene is arch-known lovers of erotic spanking. It is not a blog or a site that has posted, considering that it rightly belongs to the elite of American and world cinema. In English, the sequence in which the viewer was invited from the date of its release (1961) looked fine already limelight. I do not remember having enjoyed the dialogue between Elvis and Jenny in the language of Molière. It is this version I suggest you to watch, noting how the understanding of this sequence can not do without another glance, the end of the scene which sees Jenny sitting at table with a pillow under your buttocks while being simply delicious.


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