Saturday, February 12, 2011

Indian Costume Homemade College

Thank Mirabelle

D ince arriving at Mirabelle on this blog everyone has seen the progress in the search for old posts. The installation of a summary to the top makes it much easier for fans when the mood takes them to visit or revisit delightful little scenes or read interesting stories, without having to go back. Without mentioning the many chronic course devoted to our favorite subject, ranging from television news reports of dramatic sequences. I have noticed from reading the comments back from the depths of the site that this feature has already found takers among my readers.

But Mira has spent so time on the design of the blog that she has abandoned his family, I do know that she finally put them in order to make them available in the coming days.

I know some will quibble by saying that writing a blog is something personal. It is necessary to know yet violate the rule by providing access to a competent person in terms of presentation, my knowledge in this field are limited. This does not change the nature of the blog, intended to broaden the horizons of erotic spanking enthusiasts, by opening the doors to a shared pleasure.


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