Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Cocoa Butter On Dark Spots

Angye Gaona, Colombian poet imprisoned

Angye Gaona
The poet and journalist Angye Gaona was arrested. The Colombian government wants to silence her to keep the dark about a genocide that has denounced.

Urgent international action is to secure his release and to protest against the Colombian state maintains more than 7,500 people jailed for "crimes of opinion" we are facing a real dictatorship camouflaged.

is an intolerable situation: each day they stop, are murder or disappearance of a political opponent, student union, a sociologist, a peasant ... Repression by the Colombian state against the Colombian people to appease his social claims is brutal.

Now it is urgent to unite, to create a chain of international solidarity to free the Colombian poet Angye Gaona imprisoned last January. Please send your signature to promptly Tumanischwili Aurora, and send to the Embassy of Colombia protest letter below (copy and paste). Pass round by e-mail and enter the action on your sites and blogs. This mobilization Angye Gaona and more generally for the Rights of the Human Being will not be in vain if everyone takes some responsibility.

Poets and World Citizens Get Involved!

Write directly to the Colombian Embassy in your country
(sample letter below) after you send your signature to support the release of Angye Gaona :
Aurora Tumanischwili \u0026lt; a_tumanoff@yahoo.com.ar

The Colombian poet and journalist Angye Gaona was jailed in January. The Colombian government wants to silence her to keep secret a genocide which it objected. Angye Gaona was arrested for daring testify, Colombia, the country in which the state considers the act of thinking is a crime. Angye Gaona is a designer, a weaver of dreams among people, very socially engaged and involved in cultural development: it is part of the committee that organizes the International Poetry Festival of Medellín .
She was born May 21, 1980, in Bucaramanga. She has studied English Language and Literature at the Industrial University of Santander.

ago today in Colombia over 7500 political prisoners (students, trade unionists, artists, teachers, environmentalists, farmers, and others).

Colombia holds the sad record count 60% of trade unionists killed worldwide. During the first three months of the presidency of Juan Manuel Santos were killed by paramilitaries, either directly by law enforcement fifty opponents.
The situation has become untenable. The Colombian government's repression against the people exercised to stifle all social demands are getting worse. It is now urgent that the world realizes the horror of this reality and that democracies show their solidarity officially.

And, for more efficiency, send a message of protest to the Colombian Embassy in your country according to the following format:

In France, the e-mail from the embassy
English :
http://english.pravda.ru/hotspots/conflicts/26-01-2011/116682-urgent_action_on_colombia-0/ angye-gaona-65698316.html
Switzerland (form on website): http://www.colsuizacam.com/contactenos.html

"Toma este pan, , "Take this bread
toma esta vida, take this life
toma la Tierra Earth rise
que es tuya. " ; is yours "

Angye Gaona

Madam Ambassador or Ambassador,

J ' I visited the site of the British Embassy where you can Read a detailed presentation of the social progress achieved in your country.

If you consider imprisoning a woman poet and journalist in Colombia for crimes of opinion is a social progress, this is not the idea we have in our country's social progress and freedom of expression.

Therefore I pass through you with the Colombian government to demand the release of ANGYE GAONA.

This request for release circulates via email, also on the social networking site Facebook, the effects, regarding the Human Being Humain, peuvent s'avérer presided over panels! Avec mes meilleures



Nom Poet, éditeur ou raison sociale

Site officiel: ....

La même lettre traduit in Espagol :

Please write to the Embassy of Colombia in their countries

Here, a model of mail sent directly to the Embassy of Colombia in your countries.
In France, the e-mail from the embassy is: nbenitez@amb-colombie.fr

Lady Ambassador or Mr. Ambassador,

Visit the Embassy of Colombia, where you can read a detailed presentation of the social progress in their country.

If you feel that bind to a Colombian poet and journalist for the crime of opinion is a social progress that is not the idea we have in our country, social progress and the freedom of expression.

Therefore, through you I turn to the Colombian government to demand freedom of Angye GAONA.

This demand release circulated by e-mail and Facebook social network whose purpose, as to the rights of human beings, may prove astounding. Greetings






English :

In French :
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