Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Is It A Cervical Polyp Or Cancer

As in a dream she and I

The day took place in a strange mood. Not a moment of rest between meals to prepare and monitor children's homework. The electric atmosphere was reminiscent of those moments was when the air is heavier and the storm rages. My eyes had hardened and it does not really appreciated knowing how I can be inflexible in this situation. We were not alone, he had to deal with the presence of Mouflets without showing any desire to end once and for all.

The children were finally in bed and purring on TV in the living room deserted. A great weariness fell upon my shoulders, but she continued to grumble, however, repeating the history of our relationship as if all of a sudden everything went back to the surface: the disputes, conflicts endlessly, cleaning and dishes to do. Perennial problem of the division of tasks that divides many couples. Seeped through the open window the scent of blooming garden by the early hot season.

The exasperation I stuck to the skin, raising dark desires in me, inviting me to implement the austerity measures needed to end a situation that I did not activate. As a

dreams I see myself in the kitchen to surprise her, taking her firmly by the arm and dragging him into the living room. Soft lighting lets in a halo of light. In a small voice that I had trouble identifying as it does not resemble the tone before, she said he disagreed with what awaits. I pass by extending his protestations on my knees for a firm, abrupt. The skirt is quickly rising on the back and white panties down over her thighs, revealing a bounced back without vulgarity. Thus

disciplinary held in position, I want to get off his butt on a barrage of slaps a frequency that the surprises. Red is put into his head and spreads quickly to his two twin globes that ignite instantly. The intensity of the storm that finally empties only equaled by the frustration came from an overwhelming day. Small cries quickly repressed out of his mouth clenched in pain. Hard spanking that had roses: time for a sigh, and she fades into contact with a reality soon established. Do not make more noise, not to awaken those who sleep.

Then, the hand is more gentle, caressing plump shapes and reddened. Time for healing has come ...


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