Thursday, February 3, 2011

What's The Difference Between Magic Imovie

Marjorie Beebe

E n June 2008, I emerged from the dustbin of American cinema this small western 35 minutes with the title " The Cowcatcher's Daughter " was completely unknown the general public. Since then, the extract of the film that I presented toured sites and blogs specializing in the treatment of spanking in the cinema and others, attracted by the scene so pleasing a father of administering a good screen spanking his daughter. Marjorie Beebe young actress then aged 22 years found disciplinary position, lying on the lap of his parent film, paying his overdue correction of a child despite her womanhood. It was enough to titillate fans located in the staging of ingredients known and sublimated passion of a resonance. The youth of the actress, her naughty and mischievous air, his youthful appearance contrasted sharply with the side of Professor Aging and fits perfectly with the role that greed guess imprint of a buried desire. That is how such a sequence, at first glance innocuous can be explosive in the collective memory of fessophiles unrepentant. The dialogue between father and daughter is worth its weight in gold, twirling between the virtues of spanking and the origins of the correction we had to think about the time the greatest good, away from the erotic context or perhaps wanting ignore it.

In this film, which lasts for just over thirty minutes, I checked out a new video, longer explains the reasons for the spanking. A simple delay of the young strumpet serves as a pretext for establishing the penalty. The length of punishment, but is it really a punishment, can serve as an example for our contemporary filmmakers who are not inclined to film such surreptitiously diverting scene and the cameras when the mood takes them to bring it to the screen. It is time they put themselves in accordance with their desires often hidden. Spanking and film from beginning to end, without slipping out of the field cameras, leaving the viewer capsize happiness. They will last an hour.


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