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The Sun died

" If it is dominated by a decay, that is to say if being itself is deconstructed in depth, and whether or passively accept this deconstruction then yes, you can not write. Writing is suffering its freedom. A being dominated occupations, would yield only long complaint alienated.
If you are dominated in the social and daily life, but keeping all its power of imagination is something else . "Edouard Glissant .

The poet-philosopher of the All-World died TODAY 'hui:

PARIS, Feb. 3, 2011 (AFP) - Herald magnificent blend and "creolization" from Martinique Island Slippery , died Thursday in Paris at the age of 82, is the author of a major work of great poetic creativity, which paved the way for younger Caribbean writers as Patrick Chamoiseau .

" The poet is he who will not emerge from these depths, like Faulkner or Joyce, with all writing systems. It will emerge with surges, impulses, flashes of poetry and is called are the only specificity could be granted. He resurfaced in Cree while the novelist re-emerges in structure. The cry is more difficult because it is always possible to improve the structure, when the cry is there, it is indeed there. For this reason, Rimbaud, after having uttered the cry, could not continue. "
Interview with Edouard Glissant with Philippe Artières

" I think it's poetry led me to politics and not events. It is the poetic conception of the world that made me realize that there was a uniform, unilateral, fixed and locked to design the world, and another way, diverse and inclusive. , "he said in an interview with in May 2007.

" I can change, swapping with the other without losing me yet, nor my nature. All-World is looking as he is, he thinks he invented all "Edouard Glissant

Poet, novelist, philosopher, writer ... Martinique displayed all his life a gesture subversive at the time of identity crisis. His words, his struggles and desires were among the best-cons fires against the will of our leaders to stir up fear of others, to narrow the imagination behind rigid boundaries to exclude foreign . (Jean-Marie Durand )

Die your fields, your fields endless
From branch to branch to the echo
The dream is just in the prime
Already short wind in the morning.

A man weeps with gusto
Humble dogs sniff the loafers
He meditates body drift
In the clearing in the crowd.

Is it at the edge of wrecks
A place where the dawn of lavas snow birds
By its disproportionate,

As you can see the lights in May
As calming tide
Or like a bouquet becomes ford.

In "The land concerned " (Dragon Publishing 1955)

"I hear the pounding on your tracks year's sluggish
cry I hear the drum slowly land we hear stump
Earth in the mouth and the word unsealed
Like a ban of tribes that will reopen the war, and it
The hot salt into the hands of pagan opponents. The Meaning

arduous necessity in vain twist your body, famine
Where grow spears winds and seas rage, forests surprises
mesh wind licks fire, children screaming
A burn box, a warrior dies Grassland smoke
the sky burned starvation and famine in your greenness

And I hear the word monotonous sealed famine
Oho words here that our blood pounding From time
day fourteen times swung into the fire I see terrible
Braided this heart of iron, frizzy day, blood
And nothing spoils the taste of salt grass scorched

; In "The black salt" (Gallimard, 1983)

" Language Glissant is such that everyone is hearing the creator in turn, by his way of viewing and emotion, because the own imagination is unlimited. "Sophie Bourel

Ernest Pepin, poet and novelist, pays tribute to his companion, a large and fervent poem:

The beautiful words of the world

For Edouard Glissant

So many words available in the hands of the world
CROCHETED to underground rivers
Great chaos we watched on the edge of our islands
Big dreams raised
our waves and burying the words beneath the sands of world
Here weep filaos
We passed the threshold of India
Past the threshold of syllables finds no
No one is immune to silence

... /
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A tribute to the friend and master
Recitation for Édouard Glissant, the affectionate reverence
Patrick Chamoiseau , writer, delivered at the cultural day , Anse Caffard at Diamond, February 8, 2011:

Dear Master, the Crack of the real country has crossed the land of rock, our old valley of tears, our Alley sighs, she has known the unremitting havoc delta, ocean pain, then the other knowledge of the country without a hat ... ...
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