Friday, February 25, 2011

Repairing Rechargeable Emergency Lights

Our younger years

N bones early years were filled with our memories of excitement, when body and mind are in tune with a torrid eroticism often. It was time to all discoveries lived passionately fire action often repeated and never boring. It was the time requested by spanking your eyes and sometimes my own, given or received by a sublimated but still waiting desired. Our younger years while running through the Pyrenees mountains and the wind sang in Spain. How Trenet was right ...

The slightest pretext served basis the revolution of the senses, when I feel like gnawing correct matter what bulging buttocks and sometimes arrogant taunting me with its delicious roll. You knew you so well use my fantasies want to develop in a tender complicity of distraught lovers but never lost in the maze of intimate life.

The spanking you served as an outlet, how many times I have you confessed. You feel the need, up to feign mistakes to better under slammed delirious. Our younger years we allowed all the audacity of acting out at the foot of a building during daytime to intoxication of a spanking administered in the false intimacy of a hotel room, when we knew that we were listening to eavesdroppers, we spied. Curious glances and interrogators placed on our person the next day at breakfast time was for you the best incentives. They strengthen your libido and strengthen the mine.

I see these scenes on constantly, your body on my lap, wriggling and blushing, your arm that seeks in vain to protect your back. I hear your complaints sometimes necessary but always designed to make me more harshly. Above all, I will remember this scene sublime after a spanking before bedtime, when your pajamas does not protect thee from my hand well risen and fell back with a frequency and intensity unequaled. At the foot of the stairs to our room, you did not back the pants, giving my eager eyes the magnificent spectacle of a beautifully illuminated globe.

We were beautiful and happy but we did not know then ...


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