Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Front Of My Throat Hurts

A bright day

C ow many times did I warned? How long, how many days did I stand under the shower of his constant criticisms, when the head says no but the body remains inert. I had never experienced a relationship so strong in terms of sharp exchanges, sometimes incorrect. How could such a pretty mouth could she utter such nonsense, not suspecting for one moment that one day would come when the cup is full, where the hands sign time of rebellion and punishment.

she hoped this moment of truth, called it his most secret wishes to serve as an outlet for all his wanderings of a liberated woman? She deserved the attention that he wore all his male greedy and envious of her charms of this beauty? All these question marks mind torturing me, making me less reserve face a more hostile attitude without trying to escape my responsibilities.

Then came the moment when the arm rises vertically, threatening a nice rump spread before him on the knees which have more nothing friendly. She seems to smile, but it's actually a grimace that distorted his lips when his hand falls with a crash in the middle of magnificent globes, crushing all his weight.

It is then up to the time not so long ago when spanking punished her every whim, and this humiliating position he recalls his early years but loved children too spoiled. The Jean which hampers her legs prohibits any movement of revolt. She could not remember more than a spanking could be so evil ablaze behind her and pulling her little cries of pain. Already she regretted its turpitude and then claim means the leniency of his mentor, a plaintive little voice that bears no resemblance to that which it uses to snub her suitors.

From his eyes closed in the rain, gentle tears escape from pain, and taste just moistened his mouth with a sweet taste. The hand has become more gentle, but it still burns on his back in disgrace. The feelings she could not untangle the beset in this day light correction infant. All events are running through her head: the tension, frustration, surprise to find themselves in this position. Pants coming down and the cool air which did admit the shame of his situation.

And then ..... spanking beginning. It was there within minutes, a century for his pride as a young woman emancipated. She is surprised that he continues to hope ... A sudden desire arises in his stomach, his mind rebelling but his languid body.

She no longer tries to break free from the yoke that keeps lying on the knees of the man. Cooking it now appears very sweet, communicating deep warmth to his intimate organs. Tomorrow is another day ...


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