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Giddiness of love, desire wonders, wonders of friendship

"Do not jump into the pitfalls of love / is not as difficult as the captive of the same nets, / escape, and break the solid knots of Venus." Lucretius, DRN (IV 1146-1149)

Let's talk a little love.
Or rather, do not talk about, but scrutinize it more closely. And distinguish it from his buddies, desire and friendship.

Love is a negative feeling, under the auspices of the cruel loss and addiction. Loss of self reliance to the Other, the Chosen (often in spite of himself), which is expected ... everything. In the disorder joy, happiness, pleasure, reason to exist. And that is why love emotion is inherently disappointing. A momentum that has the wrong target, a hormonal explosion whose effects, always hurtful to choose one or the main victim is the source of the first pulse. At least

love as it likes to sell it to us. No doubt the proximity of Valentine's Day, this hymn to the world silliness, "she highlights the emptiness, the nothingness of this emotion abysmal pathetic that today is social rather than communion of souls.

Desire Double familiar with that love which can only thrive in sugar, pink and wedding orgies of the "happiest day of your life" is actually much less hypocritical. As long as we just do not sail in love halo dysfunctional, it gives about what he has promised.
will say that often, very little. Nothing is more repetitive, less surprising, less than thrilling climax when you're lucky enough to have a sex life even a little good in the technical sense of the word. The small vibration of the machine body never lasts a few seconds, whatever the effort made to trigger it.
But it is sometimes (often?) Better shake this ridiculous but real, as the apotheosis by illusory fantasy lovers.
And he remains calm, the soul that was lost in vertigo of Cupid, to find some comfort under the benevolent wing of Eros.
is in this sense that desire is prodigious in that it ends with a palpable confidence, pleasure, for those who follow its curve without looking away, without distraction. Even if the desired body would refuse, we still have this beneficial masturbation, the solace of humanity since the first couple of migraine cro-magnon. And I am not one of those who consider the solitary pleasure is of lower quality, less valuable than the pleasure shared. The intensity of orgasm differs little in both cases, the gap is rather plays in front and especially in the post - in the division following a successful erotic moment between two people with good intentions vis-a-vis the other.

is where the wonderful, divine friendship: the real connection of two hearts that recognize that reveal themselves to each other for free, which are other than the promise of a loving companion.
In friendship, no Prince Charming or Princess Wonderful, the only person who would fill all our desires and make us worthy of the world does not exist, and this finding lovers who loses saved forever friends.
Note finally that they deserve these few loved ones, whose presence at our side greatly improves the quality of the surrounding landscape. These friends - who can both act as brothers in arms as spouses, to the most fortunate among us - we chose them not for what we rĂªverions they are, but for what they are in truth. In their eyes, we see ourselves as we are loved for who we are, and not ordered to fit an ideal crushing erotic. In their arms on their shoulders, we find the warmth and closeness, the neglect of the hardships of life.
And if these friendships sometimes accompanied by some beautiful elk flesh, mutual masturbation what is often the sexual act becomes a new conversation, just a little more intimate than those conducted around a table.

How disillusionment, bitterness, blame could spare himself the couples if they came to appreciate as friends, and to fully enjoy the happiness of this beautiful friendship is love sex marriage, the Instead of getting lost in the pitfalls of romantic love, this competition sordid one who loves the most, who gives most, who sacrifices the most ...

us enjoy the sweet without regret reciprocity friendly. Let us not dream that we touch the clouds remain on earth, and be happy.


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