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Crease In Projection Screen

Countess in

Pierre Dumarchey was a holy man. Academician Goncourt, writer obviously brilliant intellectual. His work is monumental, spanning over sixty years, going without a shot being fired from "The Mists Wharf", written in 1927 for "Mysteries of the Mail" published after his death. Marcel Carné put it to the screen the sublime Wharf Mists revealed that Jean Gabin. Nobody has forgotten the famous reply: "you got a beautiful eyes you know" Gabin Michele Morgan. It is etched forever in the Pantheon of French cinema.

Sub Dumarchey lived reality Mc Orlan and one Stone he made two authors. Dumarchey served him to write several erotic novels at a time not so easy where the writings were sold under the libidinous mantle because he had to hide the object of all crimes. His preferences were spread in small letters on the white paper of these books so exciting for enthusiasts of the spanking. Pierre Mac Orlan because fessophile was a premium. We will never know how many women went under his hand as a writer, slammed by a desire to palm that was intended but was friendly although eventually win the last resistance to his patients.

Countess at Whip, prepared and published in 1909 when he was only 27 years, reflected his hidden desires, but exacerbated by a consuming passion. Found in this novel ingredients that fans of erotic spanking familiar. A Countess of Slavic origin, beautiful and cruel takes under his wing submitted a husband and a young French maid. The two are forced to accept changes of the beautiful young woman. A spanking that gets the girl but disciplined head in the air is described with surgical precision:

" Sitting on the corner of an ottoman, it had destroyed the girl lying across the knees. On the one hand it weighed on the delicate neck and the other, she fell off while the rustling of skirts and petticoats ".../...

" The slips measured over the shoulders, bulging pants by the lovely fullness of flesh on the rump appeared indiscreetly molding forms a rounded behind without vulgarity. "

The result is the same vein alternating own intimate details to titillate any good spanking amateur theatrics and sublimating this ancient practice. I devoured this book when it was released in the collection of white nettle. I did not keep and remember these details so highlighted made me fall in love with the talent of Mac Orlan. Reissued recently, this novel erotica-fessophile can be quelled on the Internet, in the wake of sites digital library.


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