Monday, February 21, 2011

Woe Losing Her Verginity And Bleeding

Five and Ten

Marion Davies

M arion Davies she was spanked in his private life as she was here , Five and Ten in ? Her stormy love with William Randolph Hears, the American press magnate suggested as the extract of a film had already shown on this blog Hollywood Babylon. The luminous beauty of actress drew all eyes and flatter the egos of those who shared his life. But she possessed a volcanic temper and a passion for a role of shrew that many might envy our contemporary search for this act of love that is the major erotic spanking punishment.

Five and Ten, a romantic comedy tour in 1931 gives him the opportunity to exercise his talent as a young beautiful woman but capricious. Spanking she receives, lying on the lap of Leslie Howard is not unique. She adds, however, the long list of punishments usually reserved for young actresses on the big screen. This is not to displease me.


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