Tuesday, February 8, 2011

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The Maggie Hamilton Story

Susan Oliver

C ow the great Alfred Hitchcock did he miss this actress' a striking blonde, as he loved them? This question will remain unanswered, fanning the regret of never having admired Susan Oliver a work in uppercase, with the means that gave themselves the master of suspense. Instead, Susan had to settle for a theatrical career, however, well supplied and series episodes TV turned into a career. She participated in the development of "Wagon Train" in a story titled "The Maggie Hamilton Story . Just like Bonanza, The Virginian and other Rawhide and Great Valley, these small limited budget westerns were a wide audience to appreciate the small screen. The fashion was so black and white and comfortably on the sofa, thousands of pimply teenagers were at leisure to contemplate the images of another time they gave back the writers never bad ideas.

So imagine the head of these future adults in power when they witnessed this scene tasty sounding a spanking administered to the beautiful Susan by his zealous bodyguard, the party seeking the orders of his parents. A spanking in the rules, after a total of tucking her dress revealing pants closed, ancestor of the panties. Above all, this spanking is very realistic and Susan Oliver plays his role with commendable spirit, despite the very real slap him pounding his hindquarters. We do not swear that his eyes have left clear from a few tears, but his act of contrition ending the correction can not leave indifferent the amateur I am. This is true of erotic spanking or punishment, it always ends with a big hug ...


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