Sunday, February 20, 2011

Last Level In Cubefield

The Madriguera

Geraldine Chaplin

The arrival of furniture belonging to family Teresa (Geraldine Chaplin) will change the life of a couple installed in comfort. Gradually, furniture beyond home at the same time as Teresa's past appears. It is becoming sleepwalking and have fantasies, which transform the couple's relationship as if it were a game

The screenplay for "The Madriguera " was co-written by Geraldine Chaplin . Hence suggesting that the scene from the film, that of the spanking administered by Pedro (Per Oscarsson) is within the secret fantasies of the girl to Charlie, there is not that ... I cross cheerfully, knowing the sensitivity of women and their devotion to this practice. The very nature of this game is shared by the couple is same as essential in the practice of erotic spanking. Geraldine Chaplin portrays a college student whose grades sadden her father and husband play in life. All ingredients were combined. Dress, skirt and knee socks sober, hair in order and look sober. The director Carlos Saura has managed to highlight the disturbing moment when Pedro takes action. The long straight edge placed on the office passed into the hands of Teresa and her rear end not only chastise the molded black panties. We guess more than we see the scene but the feelings remain the same. In my ranking of spanking scenes in movies, this one occupies a prominent place. Just after the "Roots of Heaven."


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