Friday, February 11, 2011

Birthday Invites Third Birthday Quotes

Love Toy

Pat Happel

J e'll grant you that the scene you are about to watch is not in the pantheon of the monuments of the spanking cinema. It is situated far from the usual stereotypes, between classic for the general public and more glaucous productions, although sometimes interesting. I find it still very shapely, ingredients that compose the little click that trigger is often the success of erotic spanking on the big screen. Pat Happel young American actress specializing in movies naughty but soft, possessed the charm of youth and physical assets to embody Chris in the "Toy Love" shot in 1968. While our students (me) got up on the barricades to demand more freedom to the great Charles, she was roundly spank this little film intended to arouse the passions already mothballed by censorship. The icing on the cake, the correction took her by the arm to lead her around the corner, giving the scene a little playfulness that does not hate fans.


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