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Acrostic Poem For Cortes

I wish you ... The new order

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

2 Days Late And Cervix Is Hard


Edited due to cases of conscience - 12.30.2009 at 3:48 p.m. (withdrawal of the ticket)

Edited again on 3 / 01 / 10 - because I forcing anyone to read, eh! (Re release)


I'm fairly provided two beautiful sisters.

contingencies festive forced me to see one of them recently. They are painful ritual of the holiday calendar for this reason. It's the same scenario every year we rejoice in the month of November to the idea of Christmas, come together, meet, share (for some rejoicing begins in July).
Arrive on December 24 and we wonder what we doing there. It feels an obligation to full nose for everyone. We are obliged to be nice and do not take that nonsense to inserting the beads on the thread of the conversation. An art, believe me.

New this year is that the sister-in question was repeated. It has spawned what!

Full of hope, I thought motherhood was going to pass on her new a layer of sweetness that it would consider the world around her and to defuse a bit. So many hopes dashed.

If motherhood has changed something, perhaps to have established an external focus: that of another person, her child here.

A child so precious, that until recently could not approach him after going through a decontamination areas: antibacterial gel, influenza vaccination ...

This divine child, who happens to be my niece (adorable, it goes without saying) is like all children from 3 months: she eats, she cries, she sleeps (on highly controversial) and starts to smile. And most importantly, it does not leave his parents in peace more than three hours ... as almost all babies. This is not about to get better in this case as soon as the beautiful child begins to cry, within 10 seconds (20 max) below, one of his parents seems to come and "relieve".

This little game we had a great time during Christmas Eve.

I began to seriously worry for the "sanity" of the parents of my niece, when the step-sister on the table in front of his plate, a video monitor, transmitting images from a camera view nocturnal movement sensor placed on the first floor near the baby. I confess that I stayed speechless (internally, of course).

around me I watched to see if we all lived in a parallel world or if I was the only one to operate in a paranormal world. My dear husband looked up at the ceiling, to signify to me that he too thought it was OTT (over the top), especially since he had a ringside seat to watch the video of the baby. Between bites of foie gras.

Mortal Eve.

All that to say that I feel when I talk about the family gatherings around me, he seems that the sister-in Is The New Mother-in-law. A bit like we say that Orange Is The New Black. It was she who spread terror in the family now.

Fortunately it's not every day is Christmas!

Anyway, we're all the sister of someone!

Any resemblance to actual persons living or dead is purely coincidental. The facts and events recounted in this post are pure fiction and imagination.

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Peter Doig White Canoe Sell

The riddle of Wednesday # 12

Published on December 16 at 5:09 p.m.
This is the last riddle for 2009. Event!

In this festive season, my neurons are struggling to connect. A mixture of hot wine, whiskey and mince pies to cause interference with my precious myelin. That is why this final riddle will be hyper fastoche.

In fact it is more a question of speed as if your neurons are not too tired, you should find the answer in under two minutes on Google. To win just to be there before the others did!

drumroll ...

What year and where London was installed the first escalator in the UK?

Tsss-to-che fa!

The first gives the correct answer will win a surprise.

Good luck baby!

Bravo saam first (first?) To find the correct answer:
at Harrods in 1898

saam , you send me your mailing address
I can send you a little surprise

Thank you all for your participation good morning

Go to the next riddle January 6, 2010

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Balloom Costumes Ottawa

My blog'tour regional specialties - London UK

I participate in Blog'tour regional specialties, an initiative of papillae Pupils and . It involves creating a library of regional specialties of France and Navarre, but also abroad.

Having lived in Yorkshire and lives in London now, I'll naturally make a few British specialties. The specialties are selected based on my personal library.

I really wanted to talk about the Banoffee Pie (OMG), Yorkshire pudding, scones, fish and chips, the lemon curd, and Cornish pasties ... but my library is my fault.

First things first: The must-

The French wine!

Wine supposedly of French origin, british sauce, beautifully presented in a can. Ideal for use at any time and in any circumstance!

Well, seriously ...

Scotch egg

Egg hard coated sausage, itself covered with a mixture of bread crumbs and herbs. The whole fried in plenty of oil.
Contrary to what its name might suggest, the Scotch egg is not Scottish. It was invented in London in 1738. It is eaten cold or reheated.
Met ideal for picnics with the English are very fond.

Stichelton (cheese)

Blue English par excellence. You can find the best cheese in the famous London Neal's Yard Dairy, near Covent Garden.

17 Shorts Gardens London WC2H 9AT


The confectionery English!

The inescapable Marmite

Marmite: spreadable paste made from yeast used for fermentation of beer, natural plant substances and very rich in vitamin B1.
La Marmite can be eaten spread on toast, or serve as a basis for a sandwich.
restricted to British or palace insiders. Valiant little stomachs, abstain.
It's very special.

What are your specialty "gourmet" English?

If you want blog'tour participate in the regional specialties, the way forward is by there.

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Brent Corrigan Produce

Sunday Recipe - Vanilla Kipferl, shortbread Felder

Last week I was in Strasbourg for a pastry shop run by Felder, former pastry chef of the Hotel de Crillon for 15 years. The workshop theme was "Around the gourmet coffee," but was changed at the last moment for a workshop buttons, to my great joy. Finally I would demystify the biscuit! But I will tell you that another time.

At the end of the workshop and after the small glass white wine (for us to reward our culinary efforts), Christophe has opened a bag of homemade cookies. A marvel, biscuits, shortbread very good taste of vanilla.

I've made today and I'm pretty happy with the result. It is divine.

For you, I'll book the recipe

Vanilla Kipferl

Ingredients for the biscuit

35 g caster sugar 1 vanilla pod

120 g
soft butter 140 g flour 60 g
almonds ½
teaspoon vanilla extract For Finishing

60 g sugar
2 packets of vanilla sugar

Preheat oven to 170 ° C
pour the granulated sugar in a blender, add the pod vanilla and mix to get a very vanilla sugar. Sift sugar into a bowl.

Add the melted butter, flour, almond powder and vanilla extract. Mix together using a wooden spoon until you have a smooth paste. Work
then this dough by hand so as to obtain a ball. The
separate into 4 pieces.

On a lightly floured work, lay the pieces in a sausage shape. Align and cut into regular segments of 2 cm.
Place the biscuits on a floured plate légerment.
Bake and cook for 15 minutes.

Meanwhile, mix together the icing sugar with the vanilla sugar packets.
Upon exiting the oven, cool the cookies on a rack before rolling them in icing sugar and vanilla.

Beware: highly addictive!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Email Confidentiality Sample

The Saturday shot # 48

Gare de l'Est, Paris, December 4, 2009

As a desire to leave again for the weekend in a city to discover

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Breast Feeding Broken Veins Cheek

No Internet No Cry The

BS6312 431A plug; colloquially, a British Tele... Image via Wikipedia
Yesterday, I was involuntarily deprived of the Internet at home. A failure that we cut the broadband and landline. The origin of this disorder is still unknown, but I have strong suspicions about the man who dressed in his yellow vest at the Karl Lagerfeld, fenced then as a maniac with his jackhammer on the sidewalk two doors from my house. Coincidentally its hype and my cut of the virtual world have occurred at the same time. Just a thought like that.

Well guess what folks? This failure has made me the most good. I was able to advance in my job, finish the couriers who trailed, concoct a delicious dinner and cook exquisite cookies. And the evening and roping in bed, I finally hit the stack of DVDs still shrink-wrapped who asked only to be initiated. I watched a good little comedy franchouillard well.

This morning, a technician from BT (British Telecom) is came in the early hours of the morning (effectiveness) to repair the line. This was done in just over two hours (not speed).
And the cause of the disorder remains unknown.
The man in yellow, I say! And if I want to go further into the conspiracy theory, I would say that it surprised if they put someone on the street listening. That way, neither seen nor heard! I know I have an overactive imagination (and even if you knew the dreams that I'm sick right now!).

The moral is that life without the Internet, that's fine.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

How Long Does Orajel Stay Numb

paradoxes of online shopping - Amazon was my

Published December 10

Did you know? Amazon plans to open stores in the United Kingdom. The famous
sales site on the Internet continues to increase profits and expand its product line.

Found in 1994 as a site selling books online, Amazon has extended successively to CDs and DVDs and for items as diverse as children's bicycles, televisions or bread machines.

This movement toward the concrete, move from selling online store, is pretty ironic when you thought, in the 90s, that the rise of the Internet would kill the trade in store.
is a bit like saying the Internet and email would be coming to the end of the post. The email may have supplemented some letters, but I must say I've never received so many packages that since the development of the Internet.

Stores Amazon will come to collect orders on the site. Thus, no need to make the heels waiting for the postman or run to the post office to pick up the package after the failure factor.

Nice initiative, what do you think?

Edit - Do not get carried away, the spokesman denied this info from Amazon. A read.
Muriel Thanks for the link.

Credit @ xrrr

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Free Fire Drill Clip Art


Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Chris Gibson's No More Moles Book Worth It

A true tradition London: Trafalgar fir

Tonight will be the ceremony of lighting Christmas tree in Trafalgar Square. Ceremonies illuminations, he has already had a lot in London since early November. The point of being tired of Christmas before St. Nicolas!

ceremony Trafalgar fir stands out in that it embodies a tradition of Christmas in London established over 60 years.

Since 1947, Norway donated a Christmas tree to Britain. This tree is the symbol of friendship Anglo-Norwegian remember the second world war. When Norway was invaded by German forces, King Haakon VII fled to England and a government in exile was established in London.

For most Norwegians, London became a symbol of freedom in these difficult times. The Norwegians also had their "Here London, Norwegians Norwegians speak " since information about the war were broadcast in Norwegian from London.

tonight's ceremony is a symbol of Anglo-Norwegian friendship, but also a real tradition of Christmas for Londoners.

The tree is carefully selected for months or even years in advance in one of the forests surrounding Oslo. In November, during a ceremony attended by Mayor of Westminster, the British ambassador to Norway and the Mayor of Oslo, the tree 20 feet high, is cut. It is then transported by boat to the British coast and ends its journey by truck. The tree is then Greece has mounted a hydraulic crane and decorated according to the Norwegian tradition. The tree will remain in place in Trafalgar Square until the 12th night of Christmas. It will then be debited and recycled. Although pretty

tradition. It is far from the commercialism of Oxford Street and co and it is refreshing.

the program: music, Christmas songs and wonder.

December 3, from 18h

London's Trafalgar Square, WC2N 4JJ

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Ds Csi Dark Motives Hoe Pak Ik De Metaal

The riddle of Wednesday # 11

Published December 2 at 21h55

This week I think you do Gogole be of no help because I offer a picture. In the photo, a sign that I have hidden a word.

The first or the first word that will tell me what's behind the green rectangle will win a surprise.

click click to view larger

Good luck! Here is the solution

It Mandy was the fastest.
Again, congratulations!
I'll post a little surprise next week

Thank you all for your participation.
Next riddle, December 16.