Monday, December 14, 2009

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My blog'tour regional specialties - London UK

I participate in Blog'tour regional specialties, an initiative of papillae Pupils and . It involves creating a library of regional specialties of France and Navarre, but also abroad.

Having lived in Yorkshire and lives in London now, I'll naturally make a few British specialties. The specialties are selected based on my personal library.

I really wanted to talk about the Banoffee Pie (OMG), Yorkshire pudding, scones, fish and chips, the lemon curd, and Cornish pasties ... but my library is my fault.

First things first: The must-

The French wine!

Wine supposedly of French origin, british sauce, beautifully presented in a can. Ideal for use at any time and in any circumstance!

Well, seriously ...

Scotch egg

Egg hard coated sausage, itself covered with a mixture of bread crumbs and herbs. The whole fried in plenty of oil.
Contrary to what its name might suggest, the Scotch egg is not Scottish. It was invented in London in 1738. It is eaten cold or reheated.
Met ideal for picnics with the English are very fond.

Stichelton (cheese)

Blue English par excellence. You can find the best cheese in the famous London Neal's Yard Dairy, near Covent Garden.

17 Shorts Gardens London WC2H 9AT


The confectionery English!

The inescapable Marmite

Marmite: spreadable paste made from yeast used for fermentation of beer, natural plant substances and very rich in vitamin B1.
La Marmite can be eaten spread on toast, or serve as a basis for a sandwich.
restricted to British or palace insiders. Valiant little stomachs, abstain.
It's very special.

What are your specialty "gourmet" English?

If you want blog'tour participate in the regional specialties, the way forward is by there.


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