Thursday, December 10, 2009

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No Internet No Cry The

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Yesterday, I was involuntarily deprived of the Internet at home. A failure that we cut the broadband and landline. The origin of this disorder is still unknown, but I have strong suspicions about the man who dressed in his yellow vest at the Karl Lagerfeld, fenced then as a maniac with his jackhammer on the sidewalk two doors from my house. Coincidentally its hype and my cut of the virtual world have occurred at the same time. Just a thought like that.

Well guess what folks? This failure has made me the most good. I was able to advance in my job, finish the couriers who trailed, concoct a delicious dinner and cook exquisite cookies. And the evening and roping in bed, I finally hit the stack of DVDs still shrink-wrapped who asked only to be initiated. I watched a good little comedy franchouillard well.

This morning, a technician from BT (British Telecom) is came in the early hours of the morning (effectiveness) to repair the line. This was done in just over two hours (not speed).
And the cause of the disorder remains unknown.
The man in yellow, I say! And if I want to go further into the conspiracy theory, I would say that it surprised if they put someone on the street listening. That way, neither seen nor heard! I know I have an overactive imagination (and even if you knew the dreams that I'm sick right now!).

The moral is that life without the Internet, that's fine.


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