Wednesday, December 30, 2009

2 Days Late And Cervix Is Hard


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I'm fairly provided two beautiful sisters.

contingencies festive forced me to see one of them recently. They are painful ritual of the holiday calendar for this reason. It's the same scenario every year we rejoice in the month of November to the idea of Christmas, come together, meet, share (for some rejoicing begins in July).
Arrive on December 24 and we wonder what we doing there. It feels an obligation to full nose for everyone. We are obliged to be nice and do not take that nonsense to inserting the beads on the thread of the conversation. An art, believe me.

New this year is that the sister-in question was repeated. It has spawned what!

Full of hope, I thought motherhood was going to pass on her new a layer of sweetness that it would consider the world around her and to defuse a bit. So many hopes dashed.

If motherhood has changed something, perhaps to have established an external focus: that of another person, her child here.

A child so precious, that until recently could not approach him after going through a decontamination areas: antibacterial gel, influenza vaccination ...

This divine child, who happens to be my niece (adorable, it goes without saying) is like all children from 3 months: she eats, she cries, she sleeps (on highly controversial) and starts to smile. And most importantly, it does not leave his parents in peace more than three hours ... as almost all babies. This is not about to get better in this case as soon as the beautiful child begins to cry, within 10 seconds (20 max) below, one of his parents seems to come and "relieve".

This little game we had a great time during Christmas Eve.

I began to seriously worry for the "sanity" of the parents of my niece, when the step-sister on the table in front of his plate, a video monitor, transmitting images from a camera view nocturnal movement sensor placed on the first floor near the baby. I confess that I stayed speechless (internally, of course).

around me I watched to see if we all lived in a parallel world or if I was the only one to operate in a paranormal world. My dear husband looked up at the ceiling, to signify to me that he too thought it was OTT (over the top), especially since he had a ringside seat to watch the video of the baby. Between bites of foie gras.

Mortal Eve.

All that to say that I feel when I talk about the family gatherings around me, he seems that the sister-in Is The New Mother-in-law. A bit like we say that Orange Is The New Black. It was she who spread terror in the family now.

Fortunately it's not every day is Christmas!

Anyway, we're all the sister of someone!

Any resemblance to actual persons living or dead is purely coincidental. The facts and events recounted in this post are pure fiction and imagination.


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