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paradoxes of online shopping - Amazon was my

Published December 10

Did you know? Amazon plans to open stores in the United Kingdom. The famous
sales site on the Internet continues to increase profits and expand its product line.

Found in 1994 as a site selling books online, Amazon has extended successively to CDs and DVDs and for items as diverse as children's bicycles, televisions or bread machines.

This movement toward the concrete, move from selling online store, is pretty ironic when you thought, in the 90s, that the rise of the Internet would kill the trade in store.
is a bit like saying the Internet and email would be coming to the end of the post. The email may have supplemented some letters, but I must say I've never received so many packages that since the development of the Internet.

Stores Amazon will come to collect orders on the site. Thus, no need to make the heels waiting for the postman or run to the post office to pick up the package after the failure factor.

Nice initiative, what do you think?

Edit - Do not get carried away, the spokesman denied this info from Amazon. A read.
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