Wednesday, December 2, 2009

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A true tradition London: Trafalgar fir

Tonight will be the ceremony of lighting Christmas tree in Trafalgar Square. Ceremonies illuminations, he has already had a lot in London since early November. The point of being tired of Christmas before St. Nicolas!

ceremony Trafalgar fir stands out in that it embodies a tradition of Christmas in London established over 60 years.

Since 1947, Norway donated a Christmas tree to Britain. This tree is the symbol of friendship Anglo-Norwegian remember the second world war. When Norway was invaded by German forces, King Haakon VII fled to England and a government in exile was established in London.

For most Norwegians, London became a symbol of freedom in these difficult times. The Norwegians also had their "Here London, Norwegians Norwegians speak " since information about the war were broadcast in Norwegian from London.

tonight's ceremony is a symbol of Anglo-Norwegian friendship, but also a real tradition of Christmas for Londoners.

The tree is carefully selected for months or even years in advance in one of the forests surrounding Oslo. In November, during a ceremony attended by Mayor of Westminster, the British ambassador to Norway and the Mayor of Oslo, the tree 20 feet high, is cut. It is then transported by boat to the British coast and ends its journey by truck. The tree is then Greece has mounted a hydraulic crane and decorated according to the Norwegian tradition. The tree will remain in place in Trafalgar Square until the 12th night of Christmas. It will then be debited and recycled. Although pretty

tradition. It is far from the commercialism of Oxford Street and co and it is refreshing.

the program: music, Christmas songs and wonder.

December 3, from 18h

London's Trafalgar Square, WC2N 4JJ


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