Monday, November 30, 2009

Orbital Diagram Of Bromine

The Advent calendar girls

Today, December 1, the day of the Advent calendar. Traditionally, I unsheathed my beautiful handmade calendar (but not mine) that I filled with love of chocolate goodies and menus. No candy, because the girl is not fond of. This is not an evil.

This year's calendar of felt nice stay in the cupboard because Molly has found another far more interesting for him to visit a store aisle. Rely instead

What a bitch this Kitty. It starts with me to break this little pussy menu (I feel that Google will untimely landings fuser).

We eat all the sauces of the Hello Kitty cutlery, plates, toothpaste, toothbrushes, biscuits, chocolates, handbags, figurines, water bottles, tshirts, socks, umbrella ... I'll spare you the exhaustive list because I'm too good.
But it is true that we had not the advent calendar.

If you want my opinion, it loses the exchange to Molly. It would have been very pretty surprised with the traditional calendar.
Here I suspect the supermarket chocolate every time you open door.



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