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Are Gential Warts Balck

Voice Other No. 4 of

Cover design: Pascal Gabet
Model: Dom Corriera

"Poetry is a Thurs
dangerous "Friedrich Hölderlin

" ... We express our emotions, as violent as they might be, we make our ways of humanity, armed with prestigious passionate visions, which have continued divert us for us to dismiss where we were already expected ... "Andre Chenet (From editorial)


" Always listen in the voice itself
" Monny of Boully

- Florence Christmas : Ghosts of the infinite little

sometimes a sailor, a killer of wolves, a crammer monster, a child perforated
home late from her date
you with his latest ghost
they were summoned to the edge of the sands

- Didier Manyach : Zero Hour
Some boats hollowed with fire
bones of beasts cold
Loads of gold and weapons.
Land uninhabited and hungry families.
snowy passes and straits of ice covered by
and embankments mass graves.
The sea was a vast plain
An endless steppe

- Remy Katy: Stories of the Great Plague

" ... if there was indeed a common will in fact locked up here and finish with the company whatsoever, incorrigible dreamers had kept pens and paper, just discovered they were assassinated on the spot, they blew up ships, planes explode, we went to our loss in the belief and I can tell the joy of a child who flies to imitate the birds, we did not expect death inactive, we helped to die each other in an immense burst of humanity ... "

- Camille Loty Malebranche : Disenchantment
I woke
And I saw as heavy gestures and interaction of our ills
Juggling maniac for our Spartan disillusioned
Our anthropomorphic beasts, cannibals

- Jean-Marc Lafreniere : What have we done with the beauty of the world?

"dispossessed by the slot machines, piggy bank gutted ghettos balance his blood and sweat. Children from pain to play between the virile old condoms and dirty needles. They are not left suffering a life-sucking, shit the elderly, the derision of the world in garbage bags. The standard of living goes down but the Dow Jones back ... "

- Yann Orveillon : The Passion Rimbaud

"... Whatever the degree of consciousness he has of his disposition, the observer who does not himself work as a poet can not help but judge of poetry as a gratuitous act. Having no market value it has no exchange value, so it is free to think that there is no point !..."

- Ghyslaine Leloup : This germinating world awaits our courage
The thirsty land of miracles
reveal his songs betrothal
And our vows of love confiscated

- Tahar Bekri : Palestine Salam
If Jenin Arab embryo and fetus
you buried alive forgetful of history
If the powder is your censer
If your rockets hurt my dark night
Your slabs they console themselves for being my rubble ;?

- Jullian Isabelle : The High Walls
Saida works ... It works

long under fire from guns.
Under the storm of bombs
singing a tune very sweet
to rock her little brother

- Pedro Vianna : I was there
I live man rising in his fall
I saw the man preserve his death
I saw the man grow up its negation

- André Laude : Poems found
We are the people of the ashes of anxiety and offense
we race scattered along the tracks of blood
us this gigantic pile of bones at times deficient renewed violence today is the
sacred book that records battle defeats hopes
We're not only lost in one night putrid ruled by monsters

- SPECIAL SECTION emmanuelle k : Bullies (full version)
And your eyes of stillbirths
miserably roses without blood flow and your heads
obtuse poor orators
see nothing there
include drop .
But the terrible death instinct of beasts who lives

you feel the uncommon thing

single living thing to kill so


- Tristan Cabral : General Hospital
in another dorm
attached to a heater exploded in
face towels white
you ask an old poet who painted Jesus

doing the Iron Cross on a flying trapeze


- Erwin Christian Andersen : Standard jubilant (reflection, followed by a selection of poems)

"... We must" take and create happiness "A simple pleasure, situated at the antipodes of bulimia consumer, the happiness of the cheetah lazily lying on a tree branch in an unspoiled nature, the happiness of the angler, and to show it, show it in designing a legitimate pride and hope that it provokes in the other the desire to try to turn ... "

- Nathalie Riera : Clairvision

.../... our mouths, green leaves of the dream I think when you
between paragraphs & verses

wrapped in silence
buttons to where you defeated me
your hands tied Flax
unwinds me unhooks unfolds & I trust in
rate of the foam in the heat of hot

- Carlos Henderson : Excess black

he said he must start all over again, we must remake the world, continue the sentence
endless bursts of speech furrowing nothingness

he said
continue digging still in the dark there comes the glare
no pact with the absurd: a pact with my empty plain and clear
; ; ; speech

- Cristina Castello : Tides
".../... For
scissors I cut off the alphabet
I castrated my country * Ink and sap
Without that and nothing in this South
Exiled from the echo of my alpha
... / ...

- John Joubert: The reversal of speech
Now this is unexpected: a fresh look

resurrection as the eye of childhood
on a garden of love where happiness
opened in the innocence of the rose

- Cristian Ronsmans : Poetry Is a Game?

"... the entertainment is, of course, the action to be entertained or entertain. Or entertain nothing vulgar, contrary to an idea too often received and accepted, alas. In fact entertained is to be different. It be different, be different, be the Other. It goes back to ancient times, the "mimesis "Very ancient method used in all initiation rites in origin. Differentiate themselves ... "

- Flaviano Pisanelli (Italy): Genesi / Genesis
First the white list

root in the desert once
deaf fiber

e il mondo di inability
sfiorare altro mondo

- Xavier Lainé : Front fog water and

".../... Frail
At the heart of the fracture
What remains of life
Between scattered fragments

abolished the borders of time
Is that front fog and water

- Paul Mari : From a country that does not exist yet
Like others drink their red wine
on table corners of rulership

social conflicts, the curses of the gods,
he hopes the end of storm winds,
that man becomes man

- Dom Corriera : Unpublished Poems
"... / ... I'll change my dreams

For children's drawings on
fogging the windows of trains
Crossing winters indifference
.../. .. "

- Marcel Moreau : Word and Venus
I've been looking for my words in my desire to tell you I have found in
want your love you do

- Andre Chenet : Secret poem (Excerpts)
There was an innocent child
who picked it apart
the place upside
a child with narrow hips
gestures acute
playing with a green bird

- Umar Timol : Blood (Preview)
".../... You are
mirror. And I'll smash. And your

fissures settle my veins. And my blood
long after my death
reap your breath on the esplanade of the madness.

- Werner Lambersy : Coimbra (Excerpts)
".../... The song had stopped

Or something
thing in singing is not known
Who had no place
And the silence was
A lid on a lack of eye

was unimportant
For trade or reports from

forces was irrelevant
Tell yourself you could do without
: speech without
miracle was still a bright

- Pier Mayer-Dantec Poems
Dogs backwards
sleep in our brains
It's going to rain in torrents
On the backs of devotees.

- to read, see and discover (Presentations, Events, News)

- Zen & Haiku (Test of Andre Chenet )
"... Elusive mirror shards illuminating the spirit, the haiku (the contraction of two Japanese words: haiku-ka and hokku, the first poem which could bring free while the second suggests the initial verse a poem or longer composed of two or more people) have such humble little riddles (koan *) quivering, soothing, amaze, either gay or sad ... "

" Always listen in itself
the voices of others "
Monny of Boully

Publication Manager: André Chenet - literary Advisor: CE Andersen, Artistic Advisor
-comp Dom Corriera - Cover design Pascal Gabet
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