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Funny Verse To Put In Wedding Card

Poets in the streets of Paris (1) No. 11 Editorial

From Tristan Cabral (see summary):

at dawn on January 26, 1855 ¹

hanged one day of snow all his fingers and common rooms
s 'lit of mulled wine ...
in Saint-Germain
we play the organ and passing

I think
TB Laforgue ...
train stations are surrounded by crazy
the outskirts of bursts
clench and I tied on fire in the mirror cry ...
boatmen bring the drowned
of the night and snow on Christ drawn in chalk on the skin
lengthen the streets, staggering
pass vans loaded with drunken soldiers and
there are at crossroads
a foreign merchant who sells you
percent in things forgotten ...
sun capsized
closes the eyes of Bateaux Mouches
thousand nights of insomnia my eyes inhabit deserts
I bitter to birds terror belly
I m'enfièvre names of all my failures
wolfhounds slowly invade
docks and at the bottom of a coffee shop I saw Caryl Chessman

supported the silence of a pinball .. .
I stand with difficulty
the street of the Old Lantern
me the sky flows by the temple musicians
found in the black night and turn their faces white
ice in a common room ... Bonnot
it takes justice into the woods beyond
hands taxis
laundresses and full of absinthe cities
dream of a world child ...
angels of Notre Dame
who have more than arms instead of wings
not ensure even more suicides anonymous
Street Traversiere ...
an employee picks up the river
a knife and starry
clots detach

fingers on the window station
tumor sky goes into this box
where young people from Gay Paris
tearing skin to better show their dead bodies ...
an employee spends belts water
drowned the night and picks up the faces of children on the brink of death a little further

he throws in the garden of Doctor White ²
cat riddled with loneliness in
purple murdered the day ...
Pont au Change deliverymen
go to the quarry and the children of the Assumption
wash the eyes of the underground ...
newspapers of the color behind
travelers no longer have to live in stations and lived
Rue Envierges
when Gerard took at dawn
the emergency door .......

Tristan Cabral
in the Ile Saint-Louis - September 1979

In "The Paris Imagination" by Jean Lebedeff
(Ed TV, 1979)

¹ poet of "The Chimaera s", Gerard de Nerval of his real name Gérard Labrunie , hanged himself on the night of 25 to 26 December 1855, rue de la Vieille Lanterne in Paris (IV).
reads the record established 26 January 1855 at the discovery of the body of Gerard: "January 1855, 26 - Labrunie Gerard de Nerval says, forty seven years old, born in ....?, man letters, lodging Street of Bons Enfants, 13, hotel Normandy Heard: Dense, master of the Hotel de Normandie, which recognizes Labrunie; two doctors Berthaux, rue du Pont-Louis No. 1, Dr. Chayet; SUICIDE by strangulation. This morning at half past seven, was found hanging from the bars of the locksmith's shop * Rue de la Vieille-Lanterne declaration Lawrence policeman's fourth district, the individual was already dead, carried to the post City Hall **, rescued by two doctors, but in vain. He hanged himself with a ribbon wire, his body was tied to this bar with this link, no trace of violence on the corpse. " Gerard de Nerval was born May 22, 1808 in Paris.

² Dr. White Spirit (1796 - 1852) was devoted to the study of mental illness. It builds on the heights of Montmartre, a nursing home where he reuses treatment principles developed by Pinel but by putting patients in contact with a new family instead of isolating them. Dr. White scored Maupassant, Nerval or Gounod among his many patients. Source: Wikipedia .

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