Monday, May 11, 2009

Cost Of Building A Racquetball Court


New pages, space available as a skin caressed yet ...
There is always the man whom the rage to write a kind of modesty a bit deaf to all these whiteness it prepares to mark its secretions intellectual - when the thought process continues in touch when, the passivity of the idea as a mechanism meets the business of writing.
The word "writing" includes also a laborious and monastic connotations that perfectly matches what has become today the task of the writer. Where are the dilettantes
Stendhalian, what happened to the je ne sais quoi of all the great classics, the thrill of sensual pleasure that is the most aristocratic ?
Where is Montaigne, the patron saint of lovers?
The time for reflection. The author looks at writing, he listens to think - and as it does not derive any real satisfaction of course, he theorizes his book to refrain especially feel it.
That's what I've done ...


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