Monday, May 11, 2009

What Color Shutters For A Blue House

Promenade Park

It's cold. Fortunately he found the door miraculously opened, it offers a much shorter path to the bus stop. He imagines the table, kitchen, well-filled glasses. They probably already led the bottles, the maestro behind her kitchen putting the finishing hand to his work, they are just waiting for him.
He runs on the roads as if frozen by an early frost. Frost in October, never seen, the cold was like before the city after two weeks of continuous rain, and everyone digs into his memory to recover memories of winter comes too soon take the place of the Indian summer. Most of the season, Atmosphere botched ... He smiles and thinks the fears of the year one thousand. Forecasters are warm to theorize about time, and he who does not care much for this short climate for earlier releases of this giant iceberg. The cold even distorts his vision; he thinks he sees the trees moving, deforming the benches. Its not sound like very small repetitive echoes.
A gravel lodged in his shoe. He growls, trying to continue, resigned, and abuts on the base of Diana overlooking the South Lawn of Luxembourg. From the top of her thighs superb hand ready to plunge into his quiver, she looks at his fingers numb struggle with the laces, a smirk on his lips. See this tall man with a hundred lashes for a tiny pebble, so it is so ridiculous as that, man?
"My old, your comment is not original. If you're cultivating a little, instead of look stupid people with a bow in hand, you know. In the genre cliche, it is not better! "
The gravel is gone, Mark throws an angry look toward the statue, as if to verify that it has taken note of what he has to throw. Does he dream? but she laughed at this, the bitch!
He laughed too. If he does during his life incurring the contempt of the statues, it is not so bad.
He joined the main path, turns one last time, waved his hand toward the mocking friendly, no hard feelings!
It takes three steps, stumbles, falls, stifling a groan.
We must believe that it was more serious than he thought and he has an arrow stuck in the wood back, and his body now forms a small mound shabby, already hardened by the frost.


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