Thursday, January 14, 2010

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Save the planet, i want me ... well

... but we should perhaps stop to discourage me.

We all tried to make small daily efforts to protect the planet and leave a little less dirty for future generations.


- I sort: the black bin for garbage, trash the orange paper, plastics, tin cans ...
- I do not let the water run when I brush my teeth.
- Arriving in London, I sold my car and I travel mainly by foot and public transport.
- I avoid buying green beans from South Africa and apples from China.
I prefer showers to baths.
- I do not take plastic bags at the supermarket, I use bags. In Britain, supermarkets still distribute plastic bags.
- I print duplex.
- At night, heat, I prefer the warmth ...
- I look at my local 4X4 with a contemptuous: it is not very useful, I know, but I'm still dumbfounded not the number of 4x4 in central London. And did you know, 4X4 sales did rise with the recent snowfall.
- Most of the bulbs in the house are low energy

etc etc. Well I will not bore you with my little things everyday for a better environment. I just wanted to say that sometimes I'm a little discouraged and confused.
Aim instead

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It starts a good feeling though. A few days ago, I went on the website of the brand of my printer (Lexmark, not the list) to inform me of recycling ink cartridges. I click the box 'send me a Freepost envelope. "

Today I received the envelope and I realize that I was sent from Luxembourg and that I must return to France!

To summarize: I would simply recycle cartourche ink. In Luxembourg, there is a guy who sends the envelope "Freepost" in England, which must be returned to France with the cartridge inside.

I say that if I'm the procedure, my carbon footprint will take quite a blow.

What are your daily actions for the environment?


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