Thursday, January 7, 2010

Night Calls (lisa Fugard)

The G-thon

Recently a team of British researchers focused on a mystery that has endured for decades. They left in search of the point G.

We do not laugh please because the study was conducted by a team of very serious King's College London and published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine .
I tell you right away, they returned empty handed and concluded that the G spot was a myth.

The study was conducted on a sample of 2000 women with genetically identical twins. In theory the twins should have a similar physiology and give the same answers to questions about the behavior of their privacy (zézette the inside). Now, researchers have not found more correlations between the responses of identical twins by two women who have no genetic heritage in common.

The study, released earlier this week, makes the following conclusions: the G spot is a myth, or at most a subjective concept, a figment of the imagination.

The G spot is named after the German sexologist Ernest Gräfenberg who described, in the 50s, this highly erogenous zone for some women.
Damn, there are some who do not have easy jobs! Sacred Ernest!
This concept was later popularized and promoted by women's magazines and some sexologists.

The fact that a team of British researchers did not find the G spot is not surprising in itself (Edith Cresson, get out of this body!).
What is curious is that the English think from the exploration of the famous G-spot It is strictly


It is as if the Germans put in mind to develop the anthology of German humor from antiquity to the present day in 10 volumes.


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