Tuesday, January 12, 2010

When A Guy Gives You His Number

Sold! It was my

Hardly Christmas over, we heard on the radio and other media about the sale of unwanted gifts. Every surf on eBay for clothes or other gadgets whose beneficiaries, unhappy and philanthropists Sunday, did not hesitate a second to sell to the highest bidder.
This topic post is already a lively chestnut for the media, the crisis between liver and cold winter (redundant, I remember). Moreover

about unwanted gifts, or rather in my case, gifts to the con (let's call things by their name), I will have to tell you things crispy. But that is for another time.

Internet is a veritable little Aladdin's cave after the festivities end of the year for those who buy, and a good way to bail out those who sell. In my case, I did not use these methods to get rid of an embarrassing gift. For the simple reason that I got uber cool stuff, apart from the traditional gift that you can imagine. But hey, go sell you a candle on the Internet! (I was kidding when I spoke not a gift to the con - ticket to come on this hot topic).

By cons, Internet sales because there is always interest me a lot of stuff lying around my house that I no longer useful and have a certain value. I was wondering what sites you use.

For example, yesterday about noon, I'm selling a laptop on a site. I get some suggestions in the afternoon. At 19h, a buyer has to try and buy it. Effective!
Yet the computer was very young because I had bought it in Vancouver ... 2003. I suggested to 100 pounds and left at £ 90. When you know you can find a brand new £ 250 ... I tell myself that I made a good deal. The site is

Gumtree . Free and not misused in England.

When I lived in Vancouver, I used a lot of craigslist is well known in North America. The number of tips that I have sold on this website: tips for child care, clothing, furniture Ikea. In fact it is simple, we almost sold out by leaving Canada. Thanks to Craigslist and the moving dirty.

My biggest achievement on craigslist was selling two pairs of skis in the middle of May in less than 24 hours.

The Craigslist also exists in Europe for big cities, but unfortunately not very known, whose little used. It is a shame because I think one of the easiest sites for resale online without charge. In Paris it is widely used among American expats. In London, it is a true desert for most items.

And you what sites you use to sell online?


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