Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Game Pokemon In Nokia 6300

The riddle of Wednesday # 13

Published on January 6 at 20:35

Answer below

This being the first Wednesday of the year, here is the first riddle of 2010.

I chose to make a cékoidonc: a picture of object and to guess what is the object. Easy I say.


Sorry for the poor photo quality. It was taken during a party at a friend watered without flash but with a lot of Cabernet!

The first correct answer (the order of reviews authentic) will receive a little surprise.
course Marilou Yoyo, you do not play!

Good luck!

Well, the mystery did not last long today!

It O. Evian who wins the trophy!
In addition it was his first and the first response on the thread of comments.
To receive a little surprise, give me your address by mail. You just have to click on "contact the author" at the top right
It was good to garlic peeler

How does it work?
Place a piece of garlic into the peeler. Roll the peeler by pressing the table. Thus, the skin comes off of the pod in a few seconds and you do not odor on your fingers.

Thank you all for your participation.
Next riddle January 20


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