Wednesday, December 8, 2010

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can not live on words.
You can not always wait.
You can not breathe when there is no air.
You can not feed on wind.

Yet you ask me to sleep on words.
But you hope that I will wait without hope.
Yet you close one by one all our windows.
Yet you do not serve me that plate of water.

I'm dying but I want to live.
I extinguish me but I want to burn.
I'm fast but I want to devour.
I m'ass├ęcher but I want to nourish myself.

The hardening is not drought.
Deprivation is not the frustration.
Anger is not hate.
Love is not desire.
Envy is not needed.
The need is not a foul.
Death is not an issue.
The leak is not cowardice.
The rest is not death.
Life is not agitation.
Happiness is not the fullness.
The bitterness can be a pleasure.
Melancholy is not a destiny.
Sadness is not tragic.


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