Wednesday, December 15, 2010

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body "after" The body

Can fearless cliché evoking the metaphor of "ruins" to describe the body "after"?
child leaves behind a body through an open body. This opening becomes irritated and sometimes become infected. Sex is a wound - which is never just another form of opening ... Pending healing, childbirth is experienced like a wound, there exists another physiological process that injures the body at this point? Another bodily function so traumatic?
traumatic as aesthetically speaking, of course: the body is left soft, empty, flaccid. The roundness of the breasts replaces gelatinous belly, there is always a projection, but as misplaced. The hormonal upheaval also causes hair loss, loss of blood and various fluids, incontinence due to the decay of muscle tissue. The body is moved, he loses, he escapes.
The mother herself has changed his identity thanks to this debacle, since is actually increased from 1 to 2. We can probably consider that the transformation of the body is as somatization early schizophrenic crisis facing it. The violence prompted the process to think his body "before" as a paradise lost.
It must then engage in a relearning of herself, at the exact moment when the child, in turn, explores and discovers the potential of this new body out of the maternal matrix. Relearning of urination, defecation, sexuality. Alternative Learning
of breastfeeding: the flow of milk, handling the baby's body, care of nipples. Do mourning for certain functions, master new.
More importantly, the rediscovery of blood flow, which had disappeared during the long months of gestation. And soon, awaiting rediscovery of rules. Cyclical time resumes running after the linearity of the pregnancy.


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