Wednesday, December 15, 2010

I Masterbated My Father


Pregnancy is an invasion granted.
How was the experience she lived in the absence of any contraception? But this is a false question: there was always contraception - ie the desire to preserve freedom, the enjoyment of the intimate private body.
Pregnancy is alienation, loss of self ; The loss of his own limitations, loss of power to act. It is punctuated by "I can not" I can not until "after" quite hypothetical. Quite quickly the "I can not" becomes "can I still?" Will there a "before"? For the experience leaves its mark for some irreversible. There will be an "after", but will not be like the "before".
What man would accept?
Yet the ease with which one engages in it!
Unconsciousness? Appeal of this case? Or mental structure steeped in devotion?
Or perhaps it would he earn more than what we are preparing to lose ?


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