Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Zinc Oxide Versicolor


She loves men. Since their bodies
always magnetize the irresistibly provided they have the soft eyes and beautiful hands.
It is not very demanding as regards what is called "beauty". The intelligence, the subtlety of attracting more. Most importantly, the perception a crack in electrifies.
She is sensual. She likes to feel, touch, taste. A glance is enough to awaken her senses. A touch trigger, if subtle, the heat wave, recognizable, which radiates from the palm of her hips on top of her chest and makes it capable of any folly.
His affections do not yet spread so easily. Most of the time, just the desire, silent, clandestine. It is rare to take the risk of showing the turmoil that banned the wave to the person who has caused.


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