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be a woman, slitting

"The body of the woman has no latch to close the path, which leads to the center of his body to that place of itself that it belongs as much as his hands, his eyes or his hair, but it does not, it does not control. " Marie Cardinal, That .
The only intrinsic fragility of the female body is so delicate in this opening to control.
linguistic irony, describes the area that restricts the gap by an architectural metaphor particularly misleading: the pelvic floor. Thence to conclude that a woman can only have poor foundations ...
is indeed a very curious animal, that has its floor, ie its ground, its base, under his belly, ie in the middle of his body. If the floor is at the center, the seat, the stability of this being bizarrely shaped by nature are perpetually threatened. And legs are reduced to useless appendages, telescopic or retractable, as if space was the belly right woman.

During and after childbirth, the problem does not come what may "enter" in this slot (as in the case of coitus, consented or not), but what may come out (a baby, and then the bodies that are more restrained in their descent). The urgency, therefore, in the weeks and months after parturition, is to reconstruct (architects remain) the pelvic floor, therefore the successful achievement of making the closed with drilled, and hard with soft. The maintenance issue is indeed strictly muscular, not intrinsic to the body and may become stronger or weaker, it is likely to vary. A woman who works
"good" is open, but not too much and should let the penis, it must retain this did not get out.
It must therefore send a responsibility towards this part of his body if the perineum is still yawning, that he has not been properly rehabilitated, she was treated with leniency, as a stubborn little animal.

I have heard a midwife smiling and full of good will explain at a meeting of childbirth preparation, as now, the exercises that taught us would be to implement all our lives. All our lives ...
whole life to tighten and loosen his perineum spasmodically every moment of leisure. And it will not do, of course ...
What human being other than the woman who gave birth is thus required under penalty of dereliction internally maintain such attention, constant with respect to her belly and her sex?
We learn therefore keep the woman, with constant vigilance, feeling that his body is pierced.


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