Monday, January 31, 2011

Self Contained Salon Sink

Euphoric Tendencies

Tanya Marten

J 'I found this excerpt from a piece Theatre on Youtube two years ago. I did not then know the origins of this piece, played in New York that seemed to possess the essential ingredients that make spanking a major act of erotic love life. I think that Isabella had caused on his blog without further discovery. I had forgotten in my archives without thinking that one day reappear on a site of images that I knew. My surprise was total when the American blog " Cherry Red Report " returned a moment on this passage past to oblivion. And then, reflects the soft light of a scene very pleasant to contemplate, that of two roommates bi-sexual. A frustrated writer who is working on her first novel, the other Beth Moss ( Tanya Marten) who introduced him to the world of spanking and Sapphic love. Euphoric Tendencies was then played for a few months in New Jersey and spectators were allowed to contemplate this delicious moment of contemporary erotica, when Tanya Marten lengthens his partner on her knees, her skirt falls languidly and administers The most provocative of spanking. It turns out that Tanya Marten is also called Tasha Lee, it is well known in the community of spanking erotica in the United States and his talents as an actress, singer and producer gives it some credibility. This play, she is now trying to adapt to the big screen. For this, it is obviously necessary to find financial resources and she turns to the millions of fans who live around the world this extraordinary passion. If it succeeds in raising the funds necessary to give birth to her ambitious, beautiful moments of tenderness in the service of erotic spanking in film ahead to the big screen. But what actresses?


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