Saturday, January 15, 2011

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Devoir conjugal

This evening feels sex.
At the moment, just back, he took off his jacket and leaned to kiss him - kiss marital usual anodyne - envy is seized.
Something in the way the press against her, a quiver of his lip, a sly rippling basin, has warned. He smiled, amazed, amused, she made her smile with a gleam and sparkle in the depths of the lustful eye.
When the child is lying down and sleep, sleep angelic which little monsters exhausted by long days in kindergarten.
Tonight, in bed, sweat, saliva and semen, multiple copies if possible.

* And now the child is lying and they are finally alone. The kisses become more impatient and more profound. They hug, touch. She feels her sex of a sudden dip and open to accommodate the equipment sound and warm it began, gently, to shake - as she loves going.

The child is, the calls and it calls for a glass of water. Floating minute, they observed, it contemplates the despair she petted protuberance few seconds ago and who, too visible, forbids him to go himself to console their offspring. She puts her pants, his pants, look for the file called glass of water, comforted, embraced - caring mother tortured by this sudden urge to kiss that still haunts him when his lips murmured words of appeasement.
The child lies down again, promises to sleep, it's late now my heart, good night and tomorrow.

He waits, she grabs. He did not really disbanded, she bends over, grabs it in his mouth, licks, mewing of lust. He lets go back, leaning on the pillows, close my eyes, breath and murmurs affectionate and obscene words to encourage him.


one bound she sits up and flip the duvet over him, just in time to hide his tail violet excitation. The child is scratching at the door, pulls on the handle, whining, pathetic, barefoot, scared. She runs, wins in his arms, growling tenderly. My little heart, my rabbit, you'll catch cold, then back to bed.
The child cries even louder, and only a long hug can now help him sleep.
Resigned, she lies down beside her bed in the small blue and the greenhouse against his chest to his memory by recalling the his favorite lullaby.

* The child is asleep. She rises very quietly so as not to wake him, extinguished the lamp, through the hallway, returned to their room. He collapsed across the bed and sleeps too, collapsed, inert and flaccid.
She lies beside him, was the quilt, silent, masturbates with the application of those sad fate leaves.


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