Wednesday, January 5, 2011

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She does not love, she kisses

Making love ... Expression
I have always found profoundly disgusting.

First, do is art. And that means this is a gesture, a mastery that makes me immediately think about these unbearable partners who address you, the lecherous eye, muttering: "You'll see, you, all I'm gonna do stuff like ..."
Me, I do not really like that I "do stuff". Because it gives me the impression of a medical examination.

But still, let's. Assuming that sex, that is to be done and doing stuff. Why, then, these different things, more or less pleasant if they are "facts", should identify with "love"?? Why the hell
mix of strength to love this kind of exercise?
What relationship is there between two mature individuals and (hopefully) consenting, enjoying their bodies with enthusiasm, and emotional this nebula is traditionally called "love"?

Really, no, I do not love.

I kiss. What a lovely word! As he describes this impulse that makes us embrace our whole body the body that we covet!
And although he maintains that embrace its rightful place: a nice kiss, happy, animal, serene ...

And for love, we'll see.
Before, after and sometimes even while I kiss, he also happens to love. But I sincerely believe that in this matter, humanity would gain by avoiding hazardous mixtures conceptual, refraining from making love.


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